Thursday, January 14, 2016

The OFFICIAL SYMBOL for Donald Trump supporters!

We have been hearing from them for months. They gather by the thousands and they cheer loudly as a political candidate spews hateful and inflammatory comments and when he is called out for them his celebrity value as well as the CULT of people who support him grows to unimaginable levels.

He makes political rallies seem like WWE Wrestling events. He is bombastic, arrogant and NOT going to be an improvement over any past political regime in the United States and it is about time that the supporters of Donald J Trump are properly represented with a symbol (or a mascot) that identifies their loyalty and mindset.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all people with at least a double digit IQ, here below is the official symbol for Donald Trump supporters.

              "The Horses Ass"
Where ideas and ideology of the Donald Trump CULT develops and dumps on the United States of America.

Please share widely.

(You're welcome.)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Campaigning for Jimmy Carter's health.

The town of Plains Georgia, hometown to former President Jimmy Carter is honoring their hometown hero with campaign signs wishing him to be a cancer survivor.

The 90-year-old former president of the United States recently anounced that he has brain cancer and will be undergoing treatment.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

What is a "Flaggot"?

"Flaggots": People who are passionate about a flag. ANY flag that they would fly or desecrate or disrespect out or spite or under the guise of protest or extreme celebration in the face of opposition.

If you are burning a flag, trying to change a flag, remove a flag, ban a flag, stomping on a flag or flying a big ass flag from the back of a truck to get attention, you are a FLAGGOT.

It's not my word originally, it was a word that I first heard more than a decade ago when someone was mocking a ‪#‎confederateFlag‬ activist. Now that flags of many kinds are such an issue with many, it is a universal identity embraced by some and used by some to mock the people so obsessed with an issue and taking the issue over anything of real importance.

Personally, if I use the word i'm not using it as a compliment for anyone. And I have no intention of sounding like I support ANY flag at this point. Im so sick of the issues with flags that I just no longer care if ANY flag is flying. I'd like to tell anyone with a flag (of any kind) to shove it up their butts.

This America we live in allegedly was founded with the idea of having some freedoms. But society in 2015 has betrayed that idea. Flags that have flown for years and decades are now being used as pawns for political and social bias leading to dangerous reactions from rabid supporters or detractors of any specific flag. And if people don't calm the hell down its going to become a domestic war out of control.

Do we really want that?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Will a restaurant franchisee support Georgia's License to Discrimate?

It's time to connect two items. A politician and his business affairs.

The state of Georgia could very well legalize discrimination with the passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which will allow businesses within the state of Georgia to deny service to anyone using the business owner's RELIGIOUS BELIEFS as a reason. This sweeping law if passed would disallow any protections for LGBT under current or future anti-discrimination laws. The bill has already passed in the Georgia State Senate and is scheduled for a vote in the Georgia state house of representatives.

The very important connection I am trying to make is this....On March 13th, a news story came out that a deal was reached with C&P Restaurant Company to become a franchisee for 6 new FAZOLI'S Italian restaurants, a "Quick Service" style restaurant chain. One of the partners in C&P Restaurants is current STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALLEN PEAKE (R- Macon) and his company already owns several franchised restaurants under the Captain D's and Cheddar's brands.

So we have a proposed law that gives businesses in Georgia the right to discriminate against people, the main target of the discrimination is LGBT people and these laws are in response to the growing number of states where same-sex marriage has become legal and gay couples have been denied service by some businesses and are challenging those businesses for their discrimination. The legislation is strongly supported by members of Allen Peake's affiliated political party and it is very likely that he will vote on this legislation and side with his fellow republicans.

So its very important that some questions be answered! I am making this blog post to ask our LGBT activists, organizations and LGBT media to be that loud voice asking several questions of several people.

1. What are State Representative Allen Peake's views on the legislation? Does he support it? Will he vote for its passage?

2. Will State Representative Allen Peake abstain from voting for this legislation and realize the conflict of interest because his business will be affected by the new law if it passes.

3. IF State representate Allen Peake does support this legislation and votes for its passage, what are the views and what would the course of action be by any of the parent companies that franchise restaurants to Allen Peake's company, C&P Restaurants.

It is my sincere hope that anyone reading this, especially LGBT Activists, LGBT organizations, LGBT Media and private LGBT citizens in the state of Georgia ask these questions and demand answers. And if it should turn out that State Representative Allen Peake supports the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), known as a "License to discriminate" then we as a community need to carefully consider where to conduct business in the future.

Anyone especially who has been concerned or angry with companies like Chick-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby for their discriminatory views and actions that caused many to boycott those companies should take a close look and take action on THIS proposed legislation and whether you will do business with ANY RESTAURANT owned by C&P Restaurants and the companies that Allen Peake's C&P Restaurant company franchises with.

If this law passes with the help of Allen Peake's vote, your support of those businesses is more dangerous then you ever thought buying a chicken sandwich was at Chick-Fil-A.

Bold text here may link to related articles or webpages for the items highlighted. The links were accurate at the time this blog was published.

I have been trying to get back into blogging for a while. I think I finally found a good reason to start. And I hope this reaches a lot of people and that people will take action.

And I hope that Allen Peake considers his vote carefully and makes the right decision.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Thank you Jonah Hill but you shouldn't have to apologize. You should have punched the photographer

I don't know much about Jonah Hill but I do know how much I LOATHE Politifcal Correctness and sadly Jonah Hill had to participate AFTER being harassed by some TMZ paparazzi slut. (The news article)

It really annoys me that just because someone has some celebrity that people think its perfectly fine for them to be followed and harassed during their private times and that people actually believe that these people have no right to some privacy and should be bothered when they are "off the clock".

So a photographer is following Jonah Hill around and taking pictures without his permission then makes an INAPPROPRIATE comment about the "sexiness" of Jonah Hill's shorts and its Jonah Hill that has to apologize? That's bullshit! And in this case, while there are no reports of the personal identity of the photographer or whether the photographer was gay or straight and he makes such a comment toward another man (assumed to be straight) isn't this like hitting on the guy or making inappropriate sexual harassment comment? Then Jonah Hill's response in my opinion is very JUSTIFIED. And she should not have had to apologize.

There should be MORE outrage for the parasites that follow people around taking photos of their PERSONAL and PRIVATE moments, even if they happen to be on a public sidewalk.


But Jonah Hill realized that some words hurt and the simple fact that he said some homophobic slurs may hurt some feelings and definitely will flame the cult of political correctness. Jonah Hill apologized and that makes him a good guy for appearing emotional and regretful of what he had to say.

All that is cute but my opinion is he should not have apologized, he should have punched the photographer! That makes me look bad for advocating violence and I will be branded as such. But something needs to be done to STOP harassment and stalking. Most of America is too chicken shit to enact and enforce LAWS to put a stop to it. So perhaps whooping some ass will get their attention.

Go ahead flame me for my opinion. I said it and don't give a damn.

Have a great day!

#RantOfTheDay #LGBT #Stalking #Homophobia #Paparazzo #Paparazzi #JonahHill

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowy night in Georgia

It snowed last night.

Doesn't happen much in these parts.

I just happened to be out at night when the snow came and took some photos. However local temperatures were well below freezing and things are icy. So I doubt I will be getting many daytime photos. But whatever I take you can see on my FLICKR page.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year and a symphony to 2013

Many of you reading this may have been linked to this from my personal Facebook account.

On New Years Eve, the last day of the dreaded year of 2013 I hinted in a status update that I was considering a song dedication to the year of 2013. And I am known for posting a lot of music and often using music as a commentary. So I decided to play it as if I knew (through a number of "likes" to my post) if any of my friends and family were looking forward to my doing anything like this I would post the song. But I never indicated what song I would post. Oh...but a few people not only know me but also have shared a similar opinion on the year and musically share an opinion on a specific song. However I'm going to surprise the folks on Facebook. The song you were thinking I was going to use to dedicate to the dreaded year of 2013 is NOT the one I am going to dedicate...on Facebook. Because that would have been too easy.

So to start off a new year for my old blogging account I offer that song here as an expression of happiness that 2013 is finally OVER.

Gone with the year are all of the negativity and horrible experiences, the suffering from depression and financial problems, the medical concerns, the horrible and heartbreaking news stories and struggles that I witnessed friends going through. Gone are some of the petty negative people who caused unnecessarily big and embarrassing meltdowns. The song is dedicated especially those negative and petty people, from Western Maryland, to Macon Georgia, to a few people the West coast. It will be my pleasure to play a song for you in celebration of losing you in 2013 and thankfully you and all drama shall not be a part of a new year. I'm looking forward to that.

So here on my blog, to all of that I offer a song. Simple short lyrics as orchestrated by the great Millie Jackson!

From the 1979 album "Live and Uncensored" by Millie Jackson....."The Phuck U Symphony"

Now, if you listen to Millie Jackson (while the video is available on YouTube)be sure to listen to the entire monologue and the ending when she says that you don't have to actually say the foul language and the next time someone pisses you off just play this record and say "And a Symphony to you too".

Hey 2013.......Here's a symphony for you! I curse you out with a melody.

And now on to 2014 a little stronger because of the lessons of 2013. 2013 may have been a rotten year but it didn't defeat me in the least. I hope everyone reading this didn't allow 2013 to defeat them but every struggle will make them strong enough to take on 2014 prepared for battle. Because success against struggle is the best "F you" you can give to the forces of evil.

Happy New Year EVERYONE!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Your UPS Christmas package was late? SO WHAT!!

I wonder if all of the people upset that their Christmas packages were late through UPS and FEDEx will ever realize that they are part of the problem?

They are part of the problems that Christmas had become with the obsessed commercializing and materializing of the holiday. And the increasing demand from society for unreasonable expectations of people with a "my life revolves around me" attitude.

These are people who complain about people being overworked and underpaid yet will jump at the chance for "free shipping" and have the nerve to get upset when the system gets overloaded by RETAIL GREED.

Yeah, look in the mirror people as YOU are part of the problem! And you are as bad as those crazies who destroyed Thanksgiving with that insanity known as "Black Friday", except they did get off of their asses to physically go to a store to pick up their materialistic crap for Christmas.

Meanwhile some of us have to wait on PAYROLL checks to be delivered from UPS and they are also clogged up in this backlog of Christmas packages that need to be delivered.

Again.....the worker is screwed! Think about that while your Christmas toy is "late"

Monday, November 18, 2013

If a photo watermark brought you here.......

If a photo watermark brought you to this page, THANK YOU FOR VISITING!

Yes, I do have a blog and I am lazy about updating it. I wanted to make this a daily habit and as a means of developing some journalistic qualities. That hasn't quite worked out as planned. But if you have a chance to visit the page perhaps I might actually make something of this.

I may talk about some nerdy hobbies, my political opinion or other passions. I might break a news story or something. Or I might just be another one of those blogging raving lunatics. Whatever finally happens and if a habit finally develops I thank you in advance for stopping by. If anything I post interests or entertains you feel free to share. I would appreciate it.

The web address is in the watermark that brought you here. :)

Monday, October 07, 2013

Matthew Shepard, My grandmother and an LGBT awakening.

Remembering Matthew Wayne Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998)

Matthew Shepard was beaten during the overnight hours of October 6-7th 1998 and this is the sad 15th anniversary of that horrific event. On my personal Facebook account I posted the following along with a photo of Matthew Shepard with my own personal experience at the time. On the same day that Matthew was beaten and left for dead I lost my grandfather. So the Facebook post was my account of what happened that week in 1998.

Immediately after I posted this a few friends suggested that I share it. One, person especially to suggest that is a PFLAG MOM and someone I have great admiration for. I could not pass on her suggestion and I thank her for making me share this. The text of that Facebook post is below. It's one of my personal stories and in honor of Matthew Shepard and my grandfather John Pettis. And certainly honoring my now late grandmother too, Mrs. Anna Pettis.

The following below was originally a Facebook post on October 7, 2013 at 10:00 am

Earlier I mentioned this was the 15th anniversary of the passing of my grandfather. Well it is also the 15th anniversary of the horrific beating of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming.

In my personal timeline of that week in 1998 this happened on a Tuesday. I would drive to New York for my grandfather's funeral on Thursday, immediately run errands helping my grandmother and finally we had the funeral on Saturday. Then Sunday it was just me, my mother and grandmother in her apartment. All my grandmother wanted was for the three of us to rest, eat a good meal and relax all day. We had some conversations. But my grandmother constantly watched the news on TV. And after my mother went out for a walk it was my grandmother and me as she watched the news on TV and came the story of what happened to Matthew Shepard.

I even remember we were watching channel 7 (ABC). My memories do have details! The newscast was very detailed and told us everything that happened up to that point Sunday afternoon. The beating, then the hospitalization and the vigil that was being held outside of the hospital. Then the report talked about the trend of violence against gays and lesbians. And something happened with me and my grandmother that evening. I said nothing. I hadn't ever come out to her and actually gave my mother permission to tell her a couple years earlier. I just didn't feel comfortable coming out to my grandmother knowing she was a religious woman and I wasn't prepared for her reaction. None of us were ever comfortable talking about it and there was a history of negative conversations regarding sexuality in my family.

But on that Sunday after my grandfather's funeral when we first heard about Matthew Shepard my grandmother shed a tear for the first time that week. Not for the loss of her husband of 60 years. She was strong all through that. She started crying as she said to me..."Edric please be careful out there. People are crazy and it makes no sense to me why anyone can be hurt for being themselves. And I don't want my grandson to get hurt like that."

I never shared that with anyone. It was a defining moment with me and my grandma. Nobody else was there. And I knew at that point that not only had my mother told my grandmother that I was gay because I was afraid to but my grandmother accepted it just fine and was more concerned about my safety.

I left for the 18 hour drive back to Georgia at 5am the next morning. Along the way I found myself listening to HOWARD STERN on the radio. Back then he was a local NYC show that was heard in a few other cities and as I made my way south I managed to listen to Howard Stern's entire show on stations from New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC as one faded out I would find the next station. And the normally light hearted and joking show was VERY serious and talked about Matthew Shepard and the vigil that was happening and about violence against the LGBT community. It was a totally different Howard Stern than how most of us knew him. Then after his show ended at 10am as I crossed into Virginia, the radio news announced that Matthew Shepard had died.

That hit me with great anger for the rest of the day as I continued driving down I-95 and I-85 and would scan the radio for anything I could hear about what happened. But i'm driving through the bible belt of Virginia and North Carolina now and all I could hear was so-called "Christians" that were claiming Matthew Shepard was a sinner and was going to hell. It was a very long drive home while listening to that crap.

But this tragedy did do something for me. It made me stronger and less timid. Actually I think my grandmother's "approval" had something do with it. Me knowing that my mother and now grandmother was ok with me, I WAS "OK" WITH ME.

So that folks is my #FacebookRantOfTheDay remembering what happened this week 15 years ago and how it personally affected me. I lost my grandfather, the world lost Matthew Shepard and we all gained a whole new spirit of awakening. And so many of us are stronger and determined as a result.